Curriculum and Instruction

Welcome to the LSH Curriculum Website

Intentional and consistent curriculum review is critical to the success of Le Sueur-Henderson students. Through it, our district regularly communicates regarding progress and opportunities in all content and program areas to ensure that the time students have in our classrooms will result in high student achievement.

Curriculum study assures an instructional program that is current, reflects best practice, aligns to State Standards, and uses quality resources. The Curriculum Coordinator provides leadership for our studies by working with teams of administrators and teachers, in consultation with parents and community, to conduct regular reviews and plan improvements of each major curriculum and program area. Teams address the following topics:

  • Minnesota standards in LSH classes and courses

  • A coordinated curriculum from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12

  • Adoption of new materials when appropriate

  • Student performance on the MN Comprehensive Assessments

  • Assessment and effective teaching practices

  • Related staff development

While we have a 6-year cycle, that does not mean that improvements can occur only once every six years. Follow-up reviews throughout the cycle are essential to responding to legislated changes and ensuring that current needs are met.

Our goal is for each student to have an appropriate, consistent, coordinated and challenging educational program.